Caeca Australis

Aug 5 - Story so Far summary

the Batmaniac played by Mick
Brick played by Michael
Corvus played by Scott
Diamond Scarlet played by Mel
Hunter played by Jase
Kaylee played by Steve
Percy played by Courtney
Ty played by James

NPCs of Note:
Gjoni “Johnny” Jensen :fixer and matrix personality, who uses actors as his/her physical form. Claims not to be a hacker/decker, but has shown some ability in manipulating Matrix information. The actors all seem to wear a beat up white leather tuxedo, and a Warwick Capper styled blonde mullet wig.
JC Rodriguez :extortionist, pimp, Aztechnology (MCT) stooge. Owns a brothel/chop shop in Williamstown. Doesn’t like the Batmaniac at all. Looks like Danny Treo
F Arthur :logistics and transport mogul, runs a small corp who ship things all over the eastern sea board. Last implicated in a Dropbear smuggling ring. Had a banshee guarding his home in Elwood.
Tell Quietly :fixer from the Merseysprawl. On return from the last run, Gjoni has a message sent to Kaylee and Corvus stating that their old friend Tell is in trouble. Something about Transys goons are after him. Tell is a dark skinned human fixer and mage.
Halloweeners Oz :Go Gang (bikers) with a jack-o-lantern motif. Led by an elf calling himself Jareth (after the goblin king from a turn-of-the-century vid). Comprised of mostly orks and humans.
Petrovski Security :private security corp, who takes care of most security tasks for rich private organisations. Generally mundane security, but some of its officers are ex-military, and usually have extensive corp experience. Word on the street says they have links to the Russian Mafia.
Archon Enforcement :subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology and Knight Errant. Currently has the contract for all normal Victoria Police Law Enforcement Tasks. Typical patrol is three officers, with a mix of cyber and drones. Detectives are sometimes awakened, but that’s rare.
Revenge Inc :private shadowrunning team, tend towards the flamboyant, with a pirate motif. From all sources, there are 5 members still active. Rumour has it that they work for Aztechnology, and JC Rodriguez
Sin Cara :enigmatic shadowrunners. All members wear a black mask which obscures the face, and an opera half mask. Mix of Cyber and standard magic. Very little is found about them.

The Story so Far:

After meeting Gjoni’s persona for the first time, the crew are brought together for one simple run, save a cat stuck in a tree, and return it to its owners.

But, as with all things in the sixth world, nothing is simple. Even when going for a pizza in Lalor one needs to take a gun, just in case the Tigers go gang decide to use you as a play thing.
The crew manage to save the cat (a paracritter who has some cyberware installed) from up an old communications tower (badly disguised as a ghost gum) up in the Eltham/St Andrews area. They return it (with mixed results) to JC Rodriguez (the johnson for the run). Who then gives them a job to kill F Arthur.

On stakeout at F Arthur’s place in Elwood, the crew have suspicions that F Arthur is a vampire. Corvus decides not to wait, and discovers there is a banshee gorging itself on a Sin Cara member inside. Corvus then stuns the banshee and waits for the rest of the team to make their way inside.

Once the banshee is bound, the crew try to discover what to do with it. They are interrupted by Gjoni stating that more info has come to light, and all three contracts they have taken are to be seen as null and void. Seems that Aztechnology has put the contracts out to flush any potential shadow-runners into a game of theirs. From Gjoni’s sources (an Archon Inspector) JC and Arthur both work for the same corp. As the client isn’t likely to pay, the team abandon the idea of collecting, and try to get a bounty on the banshee itself.

With the promise of 120K nuYen (minus taxes and processing fees) the team head to the nearest Arcon Enclave which can handle a banshee. They head to the St Kilda precinct house (off Carlisle St and Chapel St) and surprise the cops by bringing a banshee into the precint house (via magic hands). Of course nothing is simple, so the cops over-react.

Unfortunately, so do the crew. Before people can talk their way out of things, the Batmaniac starts hacking the head off the banshee with a hatchet.

Things go from bad to worse, as it seems fate keeps tapping chummers on the opposite shoulder, when the banshee wakes from its magical stupor. Only to be blasted all over the reception area by Corvus. Unfortunately, the Batmaniac manages to get the gooey HMHVV infected blood through his armour, and realises that the crack in his helmet is going to be a very bad thing™.
With luck finally on their side, the crew dispatch the banshee, but not before the police automatic defense system, blasts some innocents who were covered in banshee juice.
Just as the defense system shuts down, a trio of HTR police (think swat, but more military) burst in, check the crew for infection and demand some ID. the Batmaniac manages to make his escape at this time.

Meanwhile, Kaylee and Corvus receive a message from Gjoni stating that an old friend from the Merseysprawl is in town and needing some help.

We will pick up again next week, with the cops demanding ID, the Batmaniac needing to deal with HMHVV (and any potential infection), while the others figure out how to extract their team from a police HQ (despite the response crews swarming all over it)


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