Caeca Australis

Rambling Corvus (20130715)

Session 2, Corvus's thoughts

Hey K&S,
quick message again but I had to share.
These kids are in some serious trouble, enough that the urge to frak with them is barely there.
The cat is genetically engineered, dual natured and has a commlink built it, that almost left me stunned but it not phase these kids in the least, pretty sure it is not due to boundless knowledge.

We went to the location to drop off the cat and they managed to get attacked before meeting the owner; I found two levels of mana barrier and I think their receptionist is awakened. Think I might stalk her later.

The place is a brothel and chop shop so more than a few illegal things going on, but he somehow trusts these chums enough to get another job; I so have to prank him now.

We left and in the open the drones at the Telstra site return with CCDs burnt out and a tracer round in one. They happily discuss the next job while the drone that is tracking the tracer is watching/listening; I got bored after 10minutes and then warned them of the likely drone.

I tried to get the tracer so I could drop it at the pimps place, but Kaylee sussed me out. Damn the fact we are like ghosts to each other, it ruins the fun.

Apparently there is some footage out there of us collecting the cat, 2KY for info, 2KY for capture for each, that gave me an idea.

There is a police chase with a citymaster, I get the tracer (after suggesting that I will drop it in the car that is being chased). shift into a bird and drop it in the car roof (and get a good look at the people inside).

The citymaster releases a moderately serious air spirit that lifts the car and then they filled the car with stick-n-shock rounds.

But I got my info and took it back and created a trid illusion of the people in the car for Kaylee to insert in a video feed.

Anyway that is that, Kaylee got 2KY for that “info”.

The target they want had broken the smuggling of dropbears 6 months ago and runs a logistics company, he got a bioware (synthcardium?) heart not too long ago after damaging his heart from being electrocuted. No known allergies, but he does have a protein defiency. Likely easiest way would be to cause tissue rejection of the bioware heart, anyway they have five days to do it and the only idea I have heard from them is a Gang hit <sigh>.

But I have another idea, just need to convince them to follow the plan… it will be a lot of fun.


dmauricio snimmo

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