Gjoni "Johnny" Jensen

Mostly a matrix persona, Gjoni uses actors to portray him/her if physical meetings are involved.


The Real Gjoni Jensen, is a tall (he’s about 6’3") eurasian, with sharp features and a shock of blue black hair.
His eyes change colour from a near amber to hazel to a dark brown.

Still using actors as intermediaries, he sometimes makes an appearance (when he believes that the group needs moral support)


Known only as Gjoni Jensen (obviously a fake name, pronounced Johnny or Joanie) this matrix persona uses actors when needing to meet with the team. A rather resourceful fixer, he/she finds jobs and information which brought the group together.

A signature device is a portable “cone of silence” which erects a force 5 mana barrier in a 4m radius from a disposable comm-link. Usually triggered by the actor, and is turned off by the same method of triggering it (press the big blue button on the top of the commlink) The commlink also projects a hologram of Gjoni’s icon (that of a rather pretty androgynous human with pure white hair, and amber eyes – think Tilda Swinton and David Bowie photo merged), which then talks to the group.

Every time you’ve met Gjoni has been a different person. Always wearing that odd white leather tuxedo (think Warwick Capper’s wedding, and you’ve got it). Last time was an elf, but he/she has also used humans of different skin tones, heights and builds. Sometimes Gjoni is a woman, sometimes a man (though usually he/she uses humans or elves, around the same height and build – thin, about 5’11")

The image Gjoni portrays is an androgynous blonde human (think David Bowie – Thin White Duke era, or Tilda Swinton when she played Gabriel from Constantine) who wears a suit. Unfortunately, the actors all seem to get the same ill-fitting leather tuxedo. None of the actors seem to play the same character… they just get the bad tux and a near white mullet wig.

Gjoni "Johnny" Jensen

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